032 (Re-upload) Noce

3rd re-upload removing the special censor image I’m using during re-uploads. visit my fc2 to find out why
it’s also related to my hitler parody videos setting private and the status of this channel

Noce full gameplay
intro & tutorial stage – 0:07
stage 1 – 3:48
stage 2 – 12:03
stage 3 – 22:00
stage 4 – 28:58
stage 5 final – 36:59

from the creator of AppForce and prequel as well (that’s what it said at the end of the game). the gameplay is similar to SNES Run Saber.

same blind run gameplay like the previous video. added intro of the game (which I missed on the 1st upload). I also trimmed the waste and messed up parts of my gameplay.

Nguồn: https://speakforchange.org/

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  • This game could have been soooooo much better with just a little more work put into its development. But lm gonna give it a whirl.

    Mark Valdez June 29, 2020 7:32 am Reply
  • Don’t go we’ll miss you 🙁

    Noah Chandler June 29, 2020 7:32 am Reply

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