Careless Whispers

They say a half truth is more dangerous than a lie…

“You know I don’t think she’s really that faithful to her partner you know, I saw her give strange inviting looks to her colleagues…”

“I saw somebody who looked awfully like him have coffee with your husband, he doesn’t seem to be around…where is he?”

“Oh I wouldn’t trust him, he doesn’t look the faithful type, keeps many pretty female friends around…”

“Look at them always together, I bet there’s something going on between them”

Rumors: A pretty little harmless chat, discussion really, some constructive criticism right?… Wrong. Gossip, grapevine, snippets, hearsay, and speculations just a few enticing names for what we all have in our lives at some point lovingly done or still continue to do so, but does anybody stop to wonder what these seemingly harmless chatty conversations could result in?…. Probably not.

So let’s see how we can get affected by unauthentic potentially harmful and dangerous lies.

We come across people in our daily lives mostly acquaintances, colleagues and some strangers, who interact with us, discuss events, weather and then they casually start asking probing questions. Some may be completely tactless in their approach and some could ask rather personal questions discreetly. So how much should you really be disclosing, knowing that there can be certain information one can feel inhibited to disclose.

Just when that inner alarm sets off, in your head which says “Oh gee! should I be talking about this to this person?” That’s all the sign you need to withhold further information, even if it does not revolve around you, the potential harm a twisted tale that goes around could directly affect you too! Certain times the involved person could get subjected to some serious repercussions through a rumor which we completely disregard.

It is such lies that can dissolve a marriage, cause a rift in relationships, make the affectees lose their job, psychologically scar someone for life or can even cause serious trauma.

So here are a few tips to avoid such costly damages from happen:

  1.       Gossip may begin with a simple truth which by the end of the discussion could be a distorted ugly tale, to avoid that it best advisable to stop participating by changing the topic with a distraction.
  2.       If the topic persists then be forthright and politely yet assertively let the people know how you don’t appreciate the discussion or how it does not take your fancy.
  3.       If the rumor involves you, do not ignore it! Make sure that you do disregard the information with listening to the entire story calmly which could either be laughed at with a statement like “I wonder how such a childish story like that could come up!” or “Ok! That may be the most ridiculous tale you had heard in ages” followed with the real fact.
  4.       At certain times rather big rumors could be slightly more difficult to deal with, at times they can put you through some serious unease, this is the point when you have to maintain your cool and put the truth out there!

With the globally knit world, news travels fast, through many social forums. Also with hit TV series many institutes have started their own gossiping centers inspired with the lifestyle flashed across the screens have started echoing the same in their educational institutes, offices social groups etc.

One should never underestimate the power of such hearsay. Especially in today’s time they spread faster like wildfire! Be responsible your words can shatter some one’s life!


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