Let’s Empower Our Women

  1. Let’s Empower Our Women

Mostly using social networks to generate opinions and to initiate a dialogue on various concepts, I came across some valid ideas being discussed on how socio-economic freedom equips a woman with her rights and there was also a debate if the western liberalism is exploiting those rights.

The discussion was triggered through a prior article posted on assigned gender roles, where it stated how certain stereotypical ideas were falsely attached with a woman’s incompetence to perform certain tasks which were best limited to men alone. It also discussed how certain oppressive roles are chalked out for women and any independence they seek is discouraged limiting them to domestic chores.

This definition of her dictated roles popularly practiced in our society took manipulated references from religion and were a huge part of our hypocritical norm.

A comment shed some light on the “short sighted west inspired female liberalism, where women were heavily exploited because of a so called liberal society”

Indeed there does exist an imbalance in the West as well, but seeing how women suffer locally by being dependent economically places them in a much more vulnerable position where not only they are fiercely controlled in the name of ignorant manipulated references from religion but their basic rights are violated and they suffer heinous brutalities, where they are beaten, tortured and at times buried alive.

Let us through this 16 day of activism, guide our sisters who suffer in silence and are at the mercy of their oppressors who rip them away from seeking such stability. Let’s spread awareness by supporting and actively participating by reaching out through social platforms to do our bit. Let all our intentions work effectively in making a difference in turning their lives around by understanding their position and offering a  way out towards their freedom.

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