Lorien – Submissive Game

Lorien – “Submissive Game”. Song included in the EP “Daily Life”, (C) 2015 Lorien. Available on digital stores:


Lyrics: Judit Lorien

When I was younger I didn’t used to worry
I always thought that Love was a simple and stupid game
To make people’s lives a little more exciting
But why?

Why did you have, oh, why did you have to let me down?
Confidence sucks, you better run away for your life
‘Cause I played that game and I ended up losing my mind
And I

Decided to fall in Love with myself and marry Freedom
And finally break the bonds that got me stuck with you
So give it up baby, give it up now, give it up now and see
Give it up baby, give it up and let me be

It seems to be that destiny kept a special ending for me
You came back to me and begging on your knees ohh
Promised to never hurt me again and I trusted you
But then

Next day I woke up and went down for a coffee
Looked you in the eyes ohhh and I knew
Never believed my last day would be like this
And I

Died in your arms stabbed by your hands, the evil’s inside your soul
My heart began to bleed and you left that messy as it was

Heaven come and rescue me, ohhh and set me free from this hell

Lalalalala lalalalala lalala
But why?

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