Saudi women demand to vote in elections

A group of Saudi women have launched a website to campaign for the participation of other women in the municipal elections in Saudi Arab. The website ‘Baladi’ or ‘my country’ has gathered 2000 members in a short period of time.  The campaign is solely run by women from different parts of the country.

The women who have established ‘Baladi’ want other women in KSA to partake in the local elections because they believe women already play an important role in the society in general.  The site also recognizes those Saudi women who have accomplished a lot over the years.  Another reason behind creating ‘Baladi’ is that the organizers believe that women in the country hold important leading positions and have transcended their typical roles.  They are capable enough to take part in the municipal elections.

The organizing body of ‘Baladi’ demands equal rights for women similar to men.  The first right is to let women participate in the elections so that it can improve their decision-making process and negate the stereotype of Saudi women being dormant and idle.

Will ‘Baladi’ accomplish its aim?

Will the women in KSA achieve their right to participate in the elections and bring about a change in the country?


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