Shaan – A Talk Show Host Who Needs To Talk Sense !

Bollywood’s legendary actress Meena Kumari once commented about her co-star Dharmendra that he resembles an Italian, until he opens his mouth. Same can be said of Pakistan’s ace film actor Shaan who resembles an educated man until he opens his mouth. The actor might consider himself as a legend in Pakistan but his inability to talk sense has become common knowledge during the last few months. Not only is he trying to host a morning show in his lame style, he is using the platform to bash his colleagues, with lame excuses, crude jokes and below the belt comments.

Before we talk about Shaan’s morning show, it is better to discuss his work. Besides Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Kay Lye, he hasn’t worked in a decent movie in his entire career. The ones he claims to be hits and superhits were the only ones produced in the country, and the entertainment-strived cinegoers went to watch these flicks in the absence of Bollywood movies. Since the advent of Bollywood movies in Pakistani cinemas, Shaan has worked in just a handful of flicks, compared to his 200 movies in 20 years. He claims that he refused the role of villain in Aamir Khan’s Ghajni because it was an anti-Pakistan role, but the truth is that he did so because he didn’t want to ruin his self-proclaimed romantic image. This fact was disclosed by sources close to Shaan’s mother – film actress Neelo – and would surely jolt his pro-Pakistan flimsy stand.

He claims that he is a Pakistani wrestler who can compete with the wrestlers from across the border, namely the 3 Khans of Bollywood. So why hasn’t he stepped up like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan instead of doing nothing creative for the betterment of the industry. No answer. When asked why Ali Zafar is doing well in India, Shaan said that the actor is doing supporting roles instead of lead roles. Wrong answer since Ali Zafar played the lead in Tere Bin Laden and London, Paris, New York as well as the title role of the brother in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. In fact, the legendary actor Nadeem also opted for a role with more substance when he worked in Door Desh, an Indian flick in the 80s. Either Shaan is a better actor than these two gentlemen or he is treating his inability to work in India as sour grapes.

Add the comment about Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and you get a person who is a legend in his own mind. Using his morning show as a platform, Shaan criticized the Oscar winning director by comparing his Bolan Award, Nigar Award and National Award to the biggest award in the entertainment industry around the world. He also blasted his costar of countless films Reema with a nonsense comment by saying that her husband would soon find out how pious she really is … Small people really think small!

Those who have seen Shaan’s directorial debut movie Guns and Roses: Ik Junoon (that was the name, trust me!) know that he used to be infatuated with Superman, the comic book character who is followed throughout the world. Shaan had a tattoo featuring Superman’s emblem on his shoulder meaning that either he was as strong as the character or wanted to be. That’s why when he said that the superhero was famous despite wearing underwear over his pants and the gundassa clad Punjabi film hero was not famous despite being fully covered, he convinced me that he had lost his mind.

He claims to have directed films for the betterment of the film industry, but sadly, either they were rip-offs from Indian films or were poorly received because of lack of story and direction. What else would you expect from titles Mujhe Chaand Chahye (Chaand being the heroine), Daku, Moosa Khan and Zille Shah? The only decent break of his entire career came in Khuda Kay Lye where Shoaib Mansoor directed him to perfection. Yet the thankless actor criticizes the director for making films for his own self, as if Shaan makes them for his audience rather than his love of playing Romeo on screen.

I used to like that guy since he seemed sensible than most of the other actors in the film industry. But that was before he opened his mouth! May be he shouldn’t have …

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