Shepherd Dog Simulator – Fun games – Android gameplay – Videos for kids

Shepherd Dog Simulator – Fun games – Android gameplay – Videos for kids

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Experience one of the best Shepherded dog fighting simulator against thieves, thugs, different wild animals with awesome shepherded dog simulator 3D adventure. Shepherd Dog Simulator: Farm Animal Simulator Do not let your master down and saves your sheep flock and farmland. Start fighting against enemy wolf, tiger, lion, anaconda and thief who want to steal sheep and other farm animals. It is a wild germen shepherd dog simulator with beautiful and realistic fights making it the best animal fighting games. Help the farmer by protecting farms and flock of sheep shepherd dog simulator which is farm animals dog. Play the sheepherder in this dog shepherd simulation. You have to control the sheep herds, using dog to control the herds, Use this shepherd dog to protect. Tend and guard the herds and fight against mighty enemies of jungle as wild dog in shepherd dog simulator farm animal survival. In this German shepherd dog simulator you have to act like a shepherd Dog and stop the sheep to enter into the fields. If sheep enter into the field, stay and eat some crops then you will be failed in the level of German shepherd dog simulator game.
Protect your flock from wild wolf, lion and other wild animals and attack or fight in the farm fields. Herd the cows, flock of sheep and take the flock to the grazing ground. Ultimate shepherd dog fight with wild animals and take back your all farm animals and be an angry dog fighting hero in german shepherd dog simulator game. Attack on an angry anaconda hidden in the dense large open world forest environment with this dog sim. You have to protect your cattle farm and sheep farm from thieves at night time and fight and attack furiously like a brave shepherd dog in shepherd dog simulator farm animals dog. Start RPG adventure challenge in farm animal dog survival game and this shepherd dog game takes you on an epic journey into the world of the wild dog. Download shepherd Dog games and enjoy the ultimate fighting experience like a trained German shepherd simulation to chase wild animals and thief and other wild dogs to protect the flock and farm.

Shepherd Dog Simulator: Farm Animal Survival Features

– Amazing 3D country side environment.
– Use the dog intelligently to control the herds.
– Fight with anaconda snake to protect farmland.
– Smooth & easy controls
– Fully trained German shepherd dog chasing thieves & animals.
– Beautiful high quality 3D graphics.
– Clear missions of running, chasing & attacking shepherd dog simulator.


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