When Will You Speak Out Against Child Molestation And  Violence?

When Will You Speak Out Against Child Molestation And  Violence?

Child molestation is one of the most disgusting and heinous crimes in the world.  It is known as a sexual activity between an adult and a child – which not only defines as a physical act but also the dissemination of pornography to children.  Many innocent children experience this agonizing act all over the world.

The Facebook page of Speak for Change posted a status regarding child abuse and molestation.  It said and asked:

“Millions of young kids are molested or violated every day.  We knowingly look away.  Can we continue to do this?” 

Below are the comments that were posted in response to this status.

Rida Faisal no we should stand for their rights and save them from these basturds

Faryal Naqvi lets stop looking away and begin with just voicing an opinion

Umair Raheel well, we ist need to consider issue as a serious threat to da society n human live. We all remai busy in our domestic lives, but da least v can contribute by registering our voice agains it. Da frozen ice of silence has to break nw

Helen Mogan First of all, we, adults carry the responsibility of educating the young ones on what “violation” or molesting is all about. Children and infants cannot distinguish what is amoral and moral. Let us teach illiterate parents in our communities how to protect their children from abuse. Setting up the system — like 1. providing telephone numbers to call for help which can be used both by adults and children; 2. Strengthening the law for the protection of children; 3. teaching children how to protect themselves from attackers, 4. setting up a support group/organization to deal with this problems. In the Philippines. children and adults dial 165 to report abuse. The children and women are protected by a special law.

Helen Mogan The efforts of good men and women to prevent this can be seen in various non-government and government organizations. In the Philippines, there are centers built and organized for abused children and young women. The government provides funding and the non-government organizations provide added support.

Hibah Naz So for the adults to educate children about all of this, they will have to acknowledge it as a BIG problem and get educated of it as well. If the parents or the adults themselves don’t know, then how will they educate their younger ones. Also, a majority of adults IGNORE the issue of child molestation and violation. I don’t know why. Maybe because they themselves are the first culprits – that’s why they don’t point at this at all.

Maheen Zakaria ‎@ Hibah, Nowadays schools are working towards this. In my school they distributed pamphlets regarding this issue. at first we found it funny, but then our teacher gave us a long lecture on this. Though I agree with you, that the parents need to be a bit more frank with their kids regarding these issues.

Hibah Naz ‎@ Maheen I think if parents and teachers both promote awareness on this issue, it’ll be more effective. But, now a days parents only rely on the school and teachers to educate about everything. They claim that the school is responsible to teach everything because they pay them. Though this is not how it should be. But yes, teachers should start creating awareness about this grossness.

Maheen Zakaria it seems as if parents are too involved in their own careers (generally speaking). They rarely have time to talk to their children. Kids get molested by their teachers too. but unless and until there is frankness between the child and the parents, the kid wont feel comfortable telling them.

Hibah Naz That’s what lacks everywhere. Parents don’t talk to children about it neither do teachers. So the child is left somewhere near nowhere. And that’s unacceptable. But both are afraid to do so. But I sometimes can feel for them too – their fear. Would you talk to your child or student about this?

Maheen Zakaria I definitely would! because now it’s spreading like algae! if we build that frankness from the beginning, this wont be an issue.

Maheen Zakaria ‎@ Wasiq, do you think it’s easy to introduce and implement a law? So many laws are already prevalent. Sadly, Implementation is the problem.

Hibah Naz Question is why do parents even shy away from this topic? If they do and I know they do, then we, the youngsters can change their minds. Possible? Can we tell our mothers and father to talk about these issues and save our brothers and sisters?

Hibah Naz ‎@ Wasiq It’s a despicable law and it will create a lot of chaos with people disagreeing and protesting against it. Though it could be the way the Iranians do it. Eye for an eye. The culprit should be punished the way he/she exactly tortured the kid.

Verda Butt Maheen and Hibah: Excellent point! No child can ever find a friend better than his own parents. Only, if the parents are willing to do so! Not discussing issues like these with their children is actually like leaving them vulnerable to the environment.

Hibah Naz Not only does it leave them vulnerable but it also makes them hopeless. The kids, in this situation, no longer trust their elders be it the parents or the teachers. That creates a scared generation which we now see in front of us – meaning our elders.

Verda Butt Hibah: They are shy. They are so because their parents never dared discussing things like these with them. I am sure about the reason…But change the parents’ mindset? A little difficult specially when they don’t want to listen. And that’s the case, most of the time!!

Hibah Naz How about if we say it politely to them. Once, twice, thrice, ….they will listen one day. Child molestation leaves a bad influence on the kid. He/She become disturbed for life UNLESS they are helped and guided by …again those educated adults.

Verda Butt Correction: I am not sure about the reason*

Verda Butt Well maybe. I do think talking, and constantly talking might force them. to change the way they think but yes, we need to get rid of this conservative mindset. Aware the kids, with time, about the harshness of this world.

Helen Mogan Societies are described best by what their good men and women do for the weakest of their brethren. The educated teaching the illiterates will come a a long way. Maybe one day at a time, if one hundred educated people will educate 100 parents a day, that would really make a big difference, won’t it?

Helen Mogan In most developed nations, parents are obliged to work with a social worker the moment they become pregnant. It is the responsibility of the social worker to advice the young parents on how to become good parents and monitor them all throughout their lives. Even then, in some cases, children could not escape being molested not by sociopaths, but by priests or trusted persons. So, really, the key is to educate our children on this sensitive problem.

Verda Butt Helen: What kind of education are you actually pointing at? I know young parents who’re very well educated (academically) but they don’t pay any attention towards the psychological brought up of their kids. That’s mainly because they don’t have time because they’re working, or they feel weird discussing certain topics with their kids. Like we’ve discussed before, constructive discussions between parents and children is a must. A child’s thought process increases when he learns to question.

Hibah Naz Helen: By parents you mean single or a couple or both?

Helen Mogan Verda: The education i am advocating is about becoming good, responsible parents. Yarright, people might be PhDs but their parenting skills are zilch, so their children become outcasts from sheer neglect. There are lots of magazines and books on this subject, and there are schools and organizations helping out in this cause, like “Save the Children”, etc. Similarly, educating the young ones, children, minors on how to protect themselves (teach them aikido, karate, defensive skills) will also be ideal; teaching them how to report an abusive act will also be needful.I was taught and learned defensive skills as a young kid and as an adult and I was able to ward off several mishaps.In the US, my niece was taught how to say “NO” to strangers and not to accept anything from strangers; she was also given an instruction card on how to report abusive acts to the authorities.

Helen Mogan Hibah: Mothers as parents, collectively; (1), husband and wife (2).

Helen Mogan Verda: Yes, and also educating parents how to do constructive discussions with their children, telling them it is ok to discuss about the safety of their children with their children, ie: teach kids to say NO when strangers offer them “candies or sweets” (these might be laced with drugs); teach kids that it is NOT OKAY that their private parts are touched (except by a medical doctor with their parents/nurse in the room) by anyone and that if anyone does anything unusual to them, teach them communication skills to report to their parents, teachers or to the authorities. To summarize, parent-child education on preventing abuse/molestation is certainly needful.

Hibah Naz Ooooo! But speaking of, “teach kids that it is NOT OKAY that their private parts are touched (except by a medical doctor with their parents/nurse in the room) by anyone and that if anyone does anything unusual to them”..is considered a crime, a sin, a VULGAR thing to do. I seriously don’t know how to change that thought.

Hibah Naz How do you tell an adult that him/her talking to their kid about the human body is NOT a sin and it’s not vulgar at all? How does one do that?

Verda Butt Hibah: Look, that certainly is a difficult task to achieve. Specially in Pakistan where people consider it a ‘sin.’ But I guess through discussions, and that too, polite discussions, you can convince those adults that what they’re supporting basically doesn’t make any sense and is VERY risky.

You can show them what’s going on in the world, and how these issues, if not been discussed or given knowledge about, turn out to be pretty ugly. Otherwise having an argument with them about this and asking for sources would just make them more stubborn. What’s say?

Verda Butt Helen: Precisely!:)

Hibah Naz Hmm…It is hard because the issue has been JOKED about a lot but never taken seriously…ever.. Parents or adults IGNORE kids if they have something sensible to say their adults, something that goes against what the elders say.

Hibah Naz But there is one thing, how about if youngsters talk to grandparents, uncles and aunties who can talk to their children about it (my parents, yours, that generation). May be this can help??

Verda Butt Well I highly doubt it. As I mentioned earlier, parents today don’t get into such discussions with their children because they’re not used to it (their parents, our grandparents, never discussed it with them.) I would really like to hear what people have to say about this though.

Hibah Naz But we’re going to have to get them into this discussion for our own good, for our generation.

Hibah Naz There are three ways to look at this.

1) Educate the adults and the kids about child abuse, molestation, violence,etc.

2) Punish those who do such acts, who ruin thousands of lives of innocent children.

3) Coucil those kids who have been victims of molesters.

Those children who have been abused suffer mentally, grow up to be disturbed adults and many are not capable of guiding their own kids in this matter because they themselves had no help at all.

Verda Butt I agree. But getting them into this discussion and making them believe that it is the right thing to do is the task that seems a little difficult to achieve. Although it is not impossible of course.

I like the three points that you suggested. Educating people abuse/molestation is a must provided that your teachers are capable enough to deliver in the best way. I remember my biology teacher used to feel so embarrassed whenever she explained any topic related to reproduction. I never understood the reason of people being ashamed of talking about something which is actually a fact.

Maheen Zakaria ‎@ hibah, what you said in the end, ‘ and many are not capable of guiding their own kids in this matter because they themselves had no help at all.’, then starts a vicious cycle!!! i guess this generation needs to start the change. so that this cycle no longer continues.

Hibah Naz In the Asian sub-continent, especially in India and Pakistan, the reason could be the wrong interpretation of religion and imposing religion into everything.

Shabber Abbas Hmm I disagree with the framing of this question because it implies that in the past it was ok but should we continue to in the future:P

Verda Butt Shabber: The question is straight-forwardly asked. How about you give your comments regarding the subject being discussed here?

Maheen Zakaria ‎@ Hibah, true. VERY true. but then again, how can one stay away from fabricated religious beliefs? :/

Maheen Zakaria Especially if they have been inculcated in your head since you were a child. :/

Verda Butt Maheen: By thinking hard on a fact that we hear? By not believing upon everything you get to know just like that. By using our logics:)

Maheen Zakaria As a child?? That’s out of question. As an adult, yes it’s possible.

Verda Butt Obviously as an adult.

Maheen Zakaria And then i guess by being responsible parents. Right?

Verda Butt Exactly. Once you know what the truth is, it is your most important duty to guide your children towards the right path. We should stop making things so complicated.

Maheen Zakaria yep!!

Have you raised your voice against child molestation?

If not, then now’s your chance to speak out for those kids who need your help and support.

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